New navigation, same great experience

February 19, 2021

2 min read

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Certify Team

As Emburse Certify continues to expand our Accounts Payable automation solution, as well as continuing to integrate with several Emburse products, we recognize that a consistent look and feel across products is paramount. Having a consistent experience and user navigation across products will allow new users to seamlessly switch between solutions without needing to learn the application’s navigation architecture, saving time and preventing frustration.

That’s why we are excited to announce an upcoming change to the navigation within Certify Expense and Certify AP. This more streamlined look and feel between our two products will make it even easier to manage spend across your organization.


Starting in March, existing Certify Expense & AP customers will have the option to try out the new navigation. During the month of March, customers will be able to use the new experience and switch back and forth as desired.


While using the new navigation, you will see a ‘feedback button” at the bottom of the updated screens. We look forward to your feedback. As we know this is a big change, we want to make sure you feel comfortable accessing all the places and things you need within Certify. Having trouble locating a certain page in the new navigation experience? Drop us a note and share your thoughts.

Stay tuned via email over the next month as we regularly update you on our scheduled release of this new top navigation.