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Accounting software integrations

Get to know how Emburse Certify's products build a reliable, trustworthy, and automatic relationship with your accounting software of choice.

Seamless communication between critical systems

Certify's real-time expense reporting automatically captures and organizes expense data with granular controls. Multiply the power of real-time by integrating Certify with your existing technology stack or future roadmap. It’s expense reporting reimagined for today’s technology.

Pre-built integrations and connections

Our development team has created a series of pre-built integrations that keep the complexities of data integration out of sight and out of mind.

Don’t see the system you currently use? No worries! We integrate with almost any solution just as easily.

Oracle NetSuite

Our direct NetSuite integration effortlessly maps and synchronizes NetSuite objects to Certify data fields. With NetSuite as the system of record for data edits and payments, spend is managed from a single point of entry providing absolute data integrity. With a single click, send all processed expense reports from Certify to NetSuite’s Expense Report module.


Our direct integration with Paycor allows for a completely integrated payroll & expense experience. Automatically transfer employee data to Certify and expense reimbursement to Paycor.

QuickBooks Online

Our direct QuickBooks Online integration works similarly to our Desktop Connector, without requiring any software installation. With one click, expense report data is sent directly into QuickBooks, supporting check, bill, and journal entry export formats.

QuickBooks Desktop

Finance teams that use QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, or QuickBooks Enterprise can benefit from Certify’s highly established integration connector. With one click, you can download data directly into QuickBooks—linking employees, vendors, expense categories, and departments. Post journal entries to show details by expense category, and issue checks in QuickBooks directly from the Certify feed.

Sage Intacct

Using the Sage Intacct Connector, finance teams can transfer expense report data from Certify to Sage Intacct. The connector allows for mapping of Certify data fields to their corresponding Sage Intacct fields and exports processed expense reports as Expense Form Entries.


With the new API-based integration between Certify & UKG Dimensions, a user activated or deactivated in UKG Dimensions is immediately replicating in Certify as well. This system reproduction improves compliance and decreases the potential for fraud.

Don’t see the system you currently use?

No worries! We integrate with almost any solution just as easily.

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Certify API

If you have a technology division responsible for creating custom system integrations, we have the API for you. First released in early 2017, we are constantly adding to and growing its feature set, empowering more and more companies to develop their own integrations and workflows.

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Custom integrations

Our team of experts work directly with you to build a powerful and seamless integration - customized to your ERP, HRIS, payroll platforms, CRM, banking, and/or payment systems. We take the lead in every project, helping to configure and filter the right spend data, and offering an intuitive and straightforward experience.

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