Certify AP: Bring Your AP Functions Online

April 13, 2020

4 min read

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Certify Team

With all the upheaval in how we work today, automating previously manual processes has become a new way of life. Operating remotely and keeping business moving forward is required. Organizations are realizing that even the most tactically-driven departments have the opportunity for process improvement.

AP’s access to valuable data has the potential to revolutionize the profession. These efficiency gains can extend far beyond the back office. That is if you have an AP process that provides real-time strategic data, and your team is free enough to take strategic action.

Solution Spotlight: Certify AP

Certify AP helps automate purchasing, receiving, invoicing, and payment; thus streamlining your entire process.


  • Automate workflows, capture invoice data digitally, and gain complete visibility into your company spending
  • Access an online shopping experience with preferred vendors and policy controls built-in, enabling faster turnaround times, budget oversight, and better communication all around
  • Process electronic, direct-to-bank payments in more than 100 currencies to pay vendor invoices quickly no matter what global currency they use

Read on to learn how Certify AP will bring impactful efficiency to every purchase—especially for your finance team.

Faster, Online AP Cycles

In order to run smoothly while working from home, your finance team would likely benefit from an automated online AP process. Consider, too, the additional contributions their insight could provide, if they weren’t instead tracking down invoices to correct input errors.

Certify AP is designed to make everyone’s lives easier and regain time lost every step of the way. Whether you’re managing and paying invoices, or need tools to optimize employee shopping behavior, the solution’s end-to-end automation delivers a renewed efficiency with unparalleled accuracy.

No More Unexpected Invoices

We all love a nice surprise. But when an unexpected invoice hits the AP team, no one is celebrating. A paper chase begins, and there is seemingly no end in sight.

Adding Certify AP puts an end to surprises that impact cash flow. All requests and completed purchases are visible from a single dashboard. To keep up with spend as approvals are made and budgets change, AP’s built-in policy controls and approval workflows update in real-time.

Find Time to Strategize

It’s not uncommon for finance teams to be lean and tasked with supporting the strategic goals of the whole organization. Burying them with the management of a clunky, manual process hinders their collective strategic contributions.

As the manual work subsides across the entire processing cycle, your team has a greater capacity to apply their insights strategically. Which is an essential advantage for any organization.

Utilizing the same optical character recognition (OCR) found in our expense management solution, Certify AP, scans and loads invoice details for you. This feature automates data entry and quickly transforms paper documents into trackable transactions ready for review. Your AP team won’t be slowed with manually matching documentation again.

Empower a Smart, Secure Shopping Experience

A plethora of online shopping options makes it increasingly tricky to wrangle how and where employees make work-related purchases. Certify AP curbs the headaches that result. Instead, employees can access an online shopping experience stocked with preferred vendors and pre-negotiated discounts. They can also track the status of their orders, and accounting teams can pay vendors quickly—or even ahead of term for early payment discounts.

Give Every User Exceptional Customer Support

Everything we do at Certify is designed to delight—even when you need help. Our acclaimed T&E Trends Management Report shows that when intuitive technology is matched with world-class support, ROI skyrockets, and teams thrive. Always trust that our support professionals are available 24/5 to help any user as questions arise.