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GSA travel expenses policy

GSA travel expenses policy

Automate cost savings, policy controls, and T&E reporting for even
the most complex transactions.



Navigate GSA policies with ease

With Certify, you can automate cost savings, policy controls and T&E reporting for even the most complicated transactions and policies.

Emburse Certify GSA Services helps companies, government agencies and contractors easily navigate the complex T&E policies set by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).


Streamline data entry

Simplifies process for employees and administrators with flexible configuration for three GSA reimbursable types

Calculates GSA per diem rates instantly and accurately based on expense date and destination using current data

Included in calculations are available options for meal combinations, incidental expenses, travel days and more

Available on Apple and Android devices

Easy scan and log expense capabilities

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Easy reporting for employees and accountants

Certify simplifies complex GSA policies for employees to clearly
show how much they'll be reimbursed. For accounts payable,
Certify also provides advanced reporting tools for greater
visibility into travel and expense management spend by
employee, department and more with custom output options

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GSA reimbursement types

Employee is reimbursed for the actual expense amount. Per diem acts as a cap and prevents employees from exceeding the GSA capped amount for expenses.

Employee is reimbursed for full GSA per diem amount regardless of expense amount. If an employee spends less than the per diem they are reimbursed the full GSA per diem amount. If they spend more than the GSA per diem amount the remainder is not reimbursed.

No expense amount is entered, so employees may go over or under the identified GSA Amount. Company reimburses GSA amount determined by destination and travel day entries.


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