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Automated Expense Reporting

Build expense reports from anywhere with Emburse Certify's ReportExecutive™.

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Meet your fully automated expense report solution

Auto-generated expense reports from Certify can automate travel and expense management reporting for your entire company, and at a schedule that works best for you. No more complicated spreadsheets or paper receipts. No more lengthy approvals or reimbursement processing times.

Our users can now create and submit an expense report and begin the approval process in a matter of minutes—a process that used to take weeks to complete.

Dan Bovarnick

Director of Finance, iCIMS

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How it works

Let ReportExecutive™ do the work for you

Certify ReportExecutive™ fully automates your expense reporting process, including scheduling, building reports, and friendly email reminder for employees and approving managers.



Specify a company-wide schedule to generate automatic expense reports.



Users receive a friendly reminder that their reports are ready for review.



Employees review reports for accuracy and resolve any policy violations.



With one click, expense reports are submitted to your manager for approval.

Make expense reporting more predictable

With Certify, administrators can set a company-wide schedule that automatically drives compliance for when expense reports must be completed. When the specified day arrives, all expenses and receipts in each user’s Certify Wallet are merged into a new expense report. Each user is then notified by e-mail with instructions to review their open expense reports and submit for approval.

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Automation for your employees on the go

Help your business travelers spend less time managing receipts and expenses and more time focused on important tasks. With Certify Mobile, receipt details are instantly captured using our patent-pending OCR technology, and expense fields are automatically populated to save travelers valuable time.

Refine the way you audit expenses and receipts

Without a fully automated system in place, it’s not possible to verify that every receipt matches up with all the expense items on a report. Typically, accountants will conduct a random audit on 30 or 40 percent of receipts. But why waste your time when Certify can do this for you automatically?

Certify redefines that exercise by automatically selecting a set of receipts for review. Those receipts are all electronically linked to specific charges in expense reports. Instead of hunting for receipts or paper files, simply click an item in review.

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There’s no need to do receipt auditing ever again

Receipts are individually linked to each expense item, which employees, managers and accountants review during the submission and approval process.

Certify catches compliance issues early, before they become problems that materialize during an audit.

Accounting controls and tools abound in Certify, streamlining the accounting team’s workflow so they can focus on managing the exceptions to policy.

The Certify app has made expensing on-the-go life changing. Always being in and out of the office, it is so much easier to snap a photo and submit the expense for reimbursement

Enterprise Holdings

Brianna C.

Manager at Enterprise Holdings

This software couldn't be easier to use. Everything is so intuitive. I recently made a mistake that I needed to have changed and I called customer care. I immediately was taken to a real person who was more than willing to help out. She fixed the problem immediately and set me on the correct track.

CBC Companies

Sarah H.

Marketing Specialist at CBC Companies

The Certify customer service team is unbelievable. They are always willing to help, and I can't remember the last time I had to wait longer than five minutes to hear back!

Zoll Medical

Terry D

AP Supervisor at Zoll Medical

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