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Electronic receipt capture

Companies use many different technologies and need flexibility when it comes to how employees enter data. Regardless of whether your people are using a smartphone, tablet, PC or fax, we’ve got you covered.

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Certify mobile

Certify integrates with smartphones and tablets on all of the popular mobile platforms including Apple iOS, and Google Android. From any device running on these operating systems, employees can interact with Certify and snap images of receipts for upload into the system. Automatically synchronize mobile data with Certify, review and approve expenses and check on status of pending payments right from your mobile device.

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More ways to capture receipts


Upload receipts right from your desktop in a few simple steps. Log into your Certify account and click the "Add Receipts" button, then select which images or receipts you would like to upload. Once your receipts are uploaded they are automatically sent to your Certify Wallet for immediate or future use.


Fax machines have been with us a long time and in spite of their commonly known limitations they can still be an effective business tool. It’s a snap to fax receipts to the Certify Wallet. Just print a Fax Cover Page from Certify and off you go. We support both single page receipts and multi-page receipts.


You can forward online receipts and images by e-mail to You can even submit receipts to Certify from multiple e-mail accounts. Incoming data will be automatically added to your Certify Wallet. You can also e-mail a receipt from your mobile phone. Certify supports the e-mail interface of any smartphone: simply take a photo of a receipt and e-mail it to us and it will be imported and parsed instantly.

SMS text message

Texting is the preferred way to communicate for some business folks. With that in mind, feel free to send text messages for non-receipt items such as parking meters, tolls, tips, etc. You can even send in mileage reminders and all those texts will be waiting in your Certify Wallet for your next expense report.

Good old-fashioned keyboard

Using Certify, there’s no reason for manually entering expense data. But if you feel so compelled, the good old-fashioned keyboard is always an option as well.


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