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High Growth Consulting Firm Optimizes Financial Operations with AP Automation

High-growth consulting firm automates AP operations

As a rapidly growing staffing firm, ALKU needed to keep pace with an increasing volume of invoices. Their accounts payable (AP) process was outdated and relied heavily on time-consuming, manual data entry and paper-based approvals. Although ALKU processed more than 4,000 invoices annually, there was a need for invoice status visibility as AP often had to track down missing information and lost invoices. Additionally, without digital payment capabilities, physical invoices had to be sent to the office for approval which often resulted in payment delays.

Following a successful implementation of Certify Expense, ALKU understood the value of automation and realized Certify AP would be the next step to further optimize financial operations.


  • Manual AP process struggled to keep pace with an increasing volume of invoices
  • Inefficient, paper-based flow resulted in lost invoices and payment delays
  • Lack of reporting capabilities with no visibility into invoice status

"With our previous process, AP was constantly chasing missing invoices, which was extremely time-consuming. Not only was it an inefficient use of time, but it caused payment delays and was simply not scalable as we grew. With Certify AP, we can rely on the system to do all the heavy lifting for us, automatically.”

Dan Sangeorge, Cost Accounting Manager


  • 4,000 invoices processed automatically, without manual intervention
  • 100% visibility into invoice status and spend data
  • 87% decrease in volume of physical checks cut