View Expense Data Your Way

March 17, 2020

4 min read

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Certify Team

You spoke. We listened. And then we got to work.

Schedule 10 minutes of silent celebration at your desk, because a new way of producing meaningful insight from expense data has arrived. With Certify’s Custom Report Builder, Accounting and Finance teams now have instant access to the spend data they want, whenever they want, formatted however they want.

New Feature Snapshot: Custom Report Builder

This exciting addition to Certify’s robust reporting capabilities:

  • Makes it easy to create custom reports—at no additional cost
  • Single-click data exports into other accounting systems
  • Provides instant visibility into expenses across the organization
  • Saves time and increases autonomy to explore spending habits and trends
  • Delivers expense data based on your organization’s unique needs and strategic initiatives
  • Empowers you to create and share expense data as you see fit, without additional support from Certify (but we are always happy to help)

Starting today, Admin-level users gain total control over the columns and formatting for your reports. There’s more freedom to narrow down the specific data set you’re looking for. You can also save time by storing saved reports to run at a later time. Most importantly, you have quick access to fully customized data reporting that matters most to your organization.

It’s your data, your way.

See Custom Report Builder in action

Take a few moments to see the Custom Report Builder in action. Our Product team recorded this short overview to provide background on its development and show off the tool’s ease.

Slice and dice the data that matters most to you

You know your organization’s unique fiscal qualities better than anyone. By giving you unlimited formatting flexibility, you can effortlessly apply your expertise to building reports that will help you make strategic decisions. You’ll have the insights you want to know with only a few clicks.

Apply your data to strategic decisions

Customer Report Builder paves a faster path toward data visibility, and maybe even organizational stardom. Through you, key decisionmakers have access to genuinely relevant reporting. They’ll be able to make data-backed choices and set smart goals that accurately reflect the current health of the organization. And as “self-service” BI tools grow in popularity, empowering finance with the ability to build reports as they need will become a strategic advantage.

Keep your business systems fueled with meaningful data

Leveraging cross-company reporting platforms like ERPs and business intelligence tools has risen. An ability to get information from one platform to another is an integral part of creating exposure visibility. Custom Report Builder gives you the power to create and export meaningful data that integrates seamlessly with other systems.

And since you produce the data you want, you prevent jamming—or worse, breaking—your systems with a backlog of irrelevant reports. Instead, you get more time to analyze expense data, rather than retrieving it; leading to greater insight into your company spend.

Welcome the feature family, Customer Report Builder. We know a lot of people are excited you’re here. Be sure to watch the video above to see the Custom Report Builder in action. Or feel free to connect with your Customer Success Manager for a guided tour.