Avoiding the Growing Pains of Software Incompatibility, with Emburse Certify and Sage Intacct

May 21, 2021

3 min read

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Certify Team

One of the challenges that many companies face as they evolve is effective financial data management. Early stage organisations typically have fairly limited volumes of financial information—sales, expenses, accounts receivable, accounting and so on—it’s not always critical if this is primarily done in spreadsheets or standalone software solutions. As they mature and get greater volumes of information, this becomes more of a concern, so automation becomes more critical, and siloed data becomes a thing of the past.

Once finance teams have got to a point where manual data entry has been shifted to automated solutions which can then be integrated, life becomes far easier. Errors decrease, data is easier to analyse, and forecasting gets easier. Life is good. Until you outgrow your software solutions’ capabilities. What was good enough for an early-stage company doesn’t have the broad set of features you require as your operations become more complex.

At Emburse, we understand these challenges, and that’s why we offer a range of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of organisations from 10 employees to a million. We also know that teams may need to upgrade their other financial solutions, such as accounting software, as they grow. This is why we’re happy to announce the availability of a seamless solution for integrating Sage Intacct with Certify Expense.

Since its launch in the UK and Australia last year, Sage Intacct is becoming an increasingly popular solution for companies that are rapidly scaling, such as with increased transaction volumes, new lines of business, or an international presence. These companies increasingly need a cloud solution that allows them to operate their finance function from any location. It really is a perfect complement to our expense solution.

So, we wanted to ensure that if you’re a Certify Expense customer that is upgrading to or already using Sage Intacct, we’re able to support you. You can now have fully-integrated, cloud-based expense and accounting solutions, and know that your data will flow seamlessly between the two systems. This means less data entry, far fewer errors, faster reconciliation, and better spend visibility.

We know that companies want to have the choice of an expense solution which is just right for their needs, and the same goes for their other financial systems.This connection gives our customers more flexibility to work with their preferred vendors. And if you want to know what Sage thinks of Certify Expense—we’ve been its expense software provider for the past five years.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Sage Intacct and Emburse Certify expense, come visit our online booth at the Sage Partner Summit, taking place from May 25-27.