How do you stack up?

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Expense Report Management: How do you stack up?

Find out how your current expense management system compares to other top companies

Approximate time to complete quiz: 2 minutes

Based on your answers to the following questions, we’ll use Aberdeen Group’s research and classification methods to produce your customized results. You’ll see which areas to improve, statistics to compare with your company’s current process, and recommendations to simplify your expense management system.

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What is your current method of expense reporting and management?

Manual (Spreadsheets/Excel)
ERP (Oracle,SAP)
Web/Cloud Based Solution (Certify, Concur)

Which of the following are currently integrated with your expense management software?

HR Programs
A/P Systems
Corporate Credit Cards
None of the Above

Are you using a mobile application to capture receipts?


How are you booking corporate travel?

Travel agency
Online travel sites (e.g. Priceline, Expedia)
Expense management sytem with integrated travel booking

How are you managing policy compliance?

Manual management and enforcement
Electronic management, manual enforcement
Electronic management and enforcement

How are you submitting expense reports?

Paper receipts stapled to paper reports
Paper receipts with electronic reports
Electronic receipts and reports

How are you reconciling expense report data

Manual data reconciliation (someone at your company matches the data)
Automated data reconciliation (software matches data for you)

Does your expense management system have integrated reporting and analytics?