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"Single Sign On" (or "SSO"), allows your employees to maintain a single set of login credentials for access to your organization’s applications, communication resources, and other business tools. Certify has extended SSO as a new feature for Certify Mobile.

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Configuring SSO

If you have not installed Certify Mobile yet, it is available for download via Apple App Store and Google Play.

From the mobile app, select "Use My Company Login”

If you do not have a "Company Code", you will need to contact your organization’s Certify Administrator to receive one. Only your organization’s Certify Administrator has this code; it cannot be provided by Certify Support. After entering your "Company Code", select "Get Access Token".

This is the username or SSO ID and password that you use to access other applications and tools in your organization.

These pre-filled fields include:

"Company Code" (the company code provided by your organization’s Certify Administrator)

"Certify Username" (your Certify username you use to log into your Certify account)

"Access Token" (the SSO access token created in Step 2)

"Save Token" (to save the SSO access token created in Step 2)

It’s that easy! And once you have completed all of the SSO steps you will not need to complete them again unless Certify Mobile is uninstalled from your mobile device.

Interested in setting up SSO for your organization?

Check out our help center. Learn how to configure this feature of Certify Mobile for your organization.

The security of your data is one of our top priorities

With Emburse Certify, you will enjoy a safe and stable environment that will allow you to focus on what is important, your business.

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