Certify InstantAudit

InstaAudit on desktop


Certify InstantAudit helps approvers focus on out-of-policy expenses that need attention. Included with Certify Expense, InstantAudit utilizes our powerful rules engine to provide real-time compliance reviews for every submitted expense.


Why approvers love it:

They quickly see expenses that need selective review and can submit exceptions when appropriate.

Why employees love it:

Users get alerts about non-policy compliant spend upon submission, taking the guesswork out of expense reporting.

  • Instant Evaluation

    All expenses are screened on submission by the audit engine, without the need to send files or run additional programs.

  • Flag Possible Infractions

    InstantAudit displays identified violations on the approval and auditor levels according to your preference.

  • Data Security

    Because InstantAudit is an in-app configuration, all the data stays inside our secure server.

  • Overcome Approver Apathy

    Reduce the amount of manual time needed to audit expenses and empower your approvers with real-time compliance guidance.

  • Improve Spend Culture

    Customize your audit rules and create exceptions for specific users, departments, or categories to help shape and improve spend culture.


Configurable audit categories allow approvers and auditors to focus on controlling exceptions and potentially fraudulent behavior in four unique ways.

Excessive Spend
Excessive Spend

InstantAudit identifies the expenses which are in gross excess of your company policy, with configurable thresholds.

Keyword Search
Keyword Search

With the help of ReceiptParse™, InstantAudit scans each receipt image and the corresponding expense data, looking for phrases or keywords your company has deemed out of policy.

Questionable Merchants
Questionable Merchants

Using the Merchant Category Codes provided from your credit card data, InstantAudit automatically flags any merchant that your company considers too risky.

Receipt Analysis
Receipt Analysis

InstantAudit flags receipt images that look questionable, or if the receipt that has been used previously at your organization.