Expense management

for non-employees.

Flexible Spending and Fast Reimbursements

Candidates and contractors want a simple way to manage their expenses without waiting weeks to get reimbursed. Certify leverages Abacus Reach, so one-off travelers can easily submit expenses and receipts, without the hassle of lengthy approval times—and with every expense in-policy.

  • Onboard new users quickly and from any device
  • Reimburse employees within a few days, directly to their bank account
  • Enforce custom travel policies and budget limits automatically
  • Easily sync data with Quickbooks, Netsuite, Intacct and Xero or quickly extract with export builder
  • Global support for all users via phone, chat, and email
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Guide Smarter Spending

Clear travel policy guides users to keep expenses within policy—and stops them when it’s not.

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Fast Reimbursement

After approval, non-employees are paid via direct deposit within days versus weeks.

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Track Spending in Real Time

Easily view expense history in real-time and receive notifications when users violate policy.

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Quickly Onboard New Users

Quickly set up and onboard new temporary users to the mobile application.

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Focus Less on Expense Reporting

Submit expenses in real time so travelers can focus on more value-added work.

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Issue Emburse Cards

Create virtual and physical cards with a powerful built-in rules engine and industry-leading security.

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Gain Insight on Expenses

All expense data is shared securely with either Quickbooks, Netsuite, Intacct, or Xero, so you can use real-time reporting to uncover purchasing trends.

Want to see Reach in action?

Give non-employees a powerful, easy to use virtual cards and expense solution that keeps company-related spending under control — and under budget.