Recorded Webinar - Top Business Traveler Spend Trends

Top Business Traveler Spend Trends: How Your Employees are Spending the Company’s Dime

Original air date: October 8, 2013

Speakers: Robert Neveu, President of Certify & Nick Worswick, Vice President & General Manager, Corporate of Seamless

Key Discussion Points

The typical company will spend 10% (or more) of its total annual budget on expenses related to business travel in 2013, according to the latest Aberdeen Report. With a significant percent of a company’s budget being spent on Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expenses, it is surprising to see how business travelers are spending the company’s dime. This hour-long web event discussed the latest buying trends in business travel, and gave insight into how business processionals are spending the company’s dime, with research from Certify’s SpendSmart Report, based on receipt and expense data from over six million transactions and transaction-based data from Seamless.

Key Discussion Points

  • Breakdown of industry average travel budget where employees are spending the most money
  • The industry average amount spent on business expenses
  • Most expensed / frequented vendor by category
  • Top-rated vendor by category
  • Most expensive cities in the U.S. for business travel

Slides from the webinar

Webinar Recording