Recorded Webinar

The ROI of Travel and Entertainment Expense Reporting

Original air date: July 19, 2017

Speakers: Judy Bicking, APM, Senior Trainer, Institute of Finance & Management and Ashley Emery, Director of Marketing, Certify


Leveraged as an important strategic investment, travel and entertainment expense spending is critical to the growth and success of companies large and small. Knowing the right time and where to invest is key to generating exciting new business and employee development opportunities. At the same time, knowing how to best manage the company expense reporting process with a disciplined, automated approach can help ensure you’re able to make the most of every dollar spent. This new webinar from IOFM and Certify will show you how companies like yours are eliminating inefficiency, reducing overhead processing costs and streamlining workflow to quickly deliver a full return on the investment in travel and entertainment expense spending.

Learning objectives include:

  • Risks and inefficiencies in T&E reporting that cost companies money
  • Expense category spending averages, benchmarks and report processing costs
  • Top pressures, pain points and goals for improving the T&E process
  • Accounting professionals'must-have expense system features for 2017
  • How 89% of companies switching to automation achieve ROI in two years or less

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About the Presenter

Judy Bicking, APM
Judy Bicking, APM

Senior Trainer, Institute of Finance & Management

Ashley Emery
Ashley Emery

Director of Marketing, Certify