New Technologies and Best Practices in Expense Management: Insights to Drive Growth

Recorded Webinar

New Technologies and Best Practices in Expense Management: Insights to Drive Growth

Original air date: October 24th, 2014

Speakers: Robert Neveu, President of Certify & Tim Harrison, Director of Corporate Systems, H&R Block


More than 80% of companies polled indicate they plan to make the switch to online expense management software within the next 18 months. While leading finance professionals are moving their manual processes to the cloud, what are the real benefits of switching to these automated systems? Implementing company-wide software is no easy task. How are these Fortune 500 companies (with thousands of employees) migrating to these new technologies?

Join us as we review the results of Certify’s Expense Management Outlook 2014 Survey; benchmark your company’s travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management processes, pain points, and use of technology in helping to tame T&E expenses, and discover how T&E management automation is delivering a return on investment (ROI) to companies of all sizes.

Learning Objectives

  • Leverage technology to establish visibility and control of T&E expenses
  • Understand current and emerging technologies available for T&E management
  • Discover how to build an effective business case for T&E management automation by understanding key components of the ROI
  • Identify how to manage and mitigate T&E expenses at your company

Slides from the webinar

Webinar Recording

About the Presenters

Bob Neveu Image
Robert Neveu

President & Co-founder, Certify

In 2008, Bob launched Certify as his second software startup in Portland. Certify’s venture-backed team have accelerated the growth of the business to where they are considered the second largest provider in North America of expense reporting software with multinational customers including Pitney Bowes, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Subway Sandwiches, and Virgin Galactic. Certify has gained the attention of many major news publications for its innovative technology, including its recent release of auto-generated expense reporting with Certify ReportExecutive, featured in the Wall Street Journal (September, 2013), New York Times (October, 2013), and CNNMoney (December, 2013).

Tim Harrison Head Shot
Tim Harrison

Director of Corporate System, H&R Block

As Director of Corporate Systems at H&R Block, Tim is responsible for technology, product development and strategic planning and direction as well as product management for HR, financial, and legal corporate systems. He provides support for internal business partners across the global organization and manages vendor relationships. Prior to H&R Block, Tim served as COO, CIO for software vendor Marathon Digital Services.