5 Reasons Not to Use Excel Spreadsheets for Expense Reporting

Recorded Webinar

Automated T&E Management: Five Reasons not to use Excel Spreadsheets for Expense Reporting

Original air date: September 23rd, 2015

Speakers: Bob Neveu, President at Certify & Eric C. Newman, Sr. Director, Corporate Controller, Saddle Creek


Excel is an amazingly powerful tool that’s rightfully earned the adoration of accountants and finance professionals everywhere. However, anyone who has ever tried to use Excel spreadsheets for T&E expense management knows its limitations, especially at scale. Today, automation can help lower processing costs, improve control over spending, increase travel policy compliance and much more.

This webinar will discuss how the world of business travel and expense management has evolved beyond Excel and manual, paper-based T&E reporting processes. We will discuss best practices and real world examples of how automation of T&E can dramatically lower T&E processing costs, reduce mistakes, and streamline reporting and oversight.

Topics include an in depth review of:

  • Recognize the expense report processing costs for manual, semi-automated and fully automated systems
  • Identify how to improve control over employee business travel decisions and T&E spending overall
  • Recognize what companies like yours are doing to enforce policy compliance and reduce fraud

Slides from the webinar

Webinar Recording

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About the Presenters

Bob Neveu Image
Robert Neveu

President & Co-founder, Certify

In 2008, Bob launched Certify as his second software startup in Portland. Certify’s venture-backed team have accelerated the growth of the business to where they are considered the second largest provider in North America of expense reporting software with multinational customers including Pitney Bowes, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Subway Sandwiches, and Virgin Galactic. Certify has gained the attention of many major news publications for its innovative technology, including its recent release of auto-generated expense reporting with Certify ReportExecutive, featured in the Wall Street Journal (September, 2013), New York Times (October, 2013), and CNNMoney (December, 2013).

Eric Newman
Eric C. Newman

Sr. Director, Corporate Controller, Saddle Creek

Eric has been with Saddle Creek for 13 years, where he has held various positions in the accounting group and a short stint in Saddle Creek’s Transportation operations support group as Manager of Administration. As Corporate Controller, Eric has been charged with managing Saddle Creek’s strategic plan objective to reduce/leverage overhead spend. Various cost saving initiatives have been implemented, including: consolidated office supply program, paperless payroll, vendor ACH and purchasing card program, procurement initiatives, expense management automation and vendor EDI invoicing. Prior to joining Saddle Creek, Eric spent seven years in the national finance office of Ernst & Young LLP in various finance roles. Eric earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of West Florida and has completed the CFP board’s financial planning certification program education requirements.