Recorded Webinar

Expense Management in 2018: Planning for Success

Original air date: December 19, 2017

Speaker: Ernie Humphrey, CEO & Founder, 360 Thought Leadership Consulting


When it comes to company expense management priorities, is your team prepared for the year ahead? Join us and find out what more than 600 finance and accounting professionals identified as their top employee-initiated and travel and entertainment expense challenges, pain points and pressures to succeed in 2017. You’ll also learn the strategies and technologies they’re using to get ahead in 2018 by streamlining inefficient processes, reducing hassles, and saving time and money over spreadsheets and manual paper-based reporting programs.

Learning objectives include:

  • Goals and priorities for managing expenses and reimbursement
  • T&E expense spending benchmarks and report processing costs
  • Common expense reporting pain points and goals for improvement
  • Accounting professionals' expense system features
  • How to assess needs and secure investment for expense technology

Slides from the webinar

About the Presenter

Ernie Humphrey
Ernie Humphrey

CEO & Founder, 360 Thought Leadership Consulting

Ernie Humphrey currently serves as the CEO of 360 Thought Leadership Consulting, and the CEO&COO of Treasury Careers. Ernie is a proven strategy and financial professional with 20+ years of experience. He has diverse industry knowledge as a seasoned corporate practitioner, a leader at the largest association for financial professionals (the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)), and as a driving force behind the development of the largest online community for senior level financial professionals (Proformative). During his career he has supported and delivered thought-leadership in the arenas of finance, treasury, accounting, and related disciplines. Ernie has demonstrated success in building consensus, embracing change, driving results through innovation, business development, and community building.

Ernie has extensive experience in the areas of educational event development and execution, marketing, international cash management, global insurance, and acquisition integration. Ernie has a BS and MS in Economics both from Purdue University. He has authored published articles on working capital management, acquisition integrations, and bank relationship management in addition to various articles dealing with professional development. Ernie is a Certified Treasury Professional and is a sought-after public speaker