Expense Management Strategies to Maximize ROI in 2016

Original air date: December 17th, 2015

Speakers: Robert Neveu, President of Certify, Mark Philley, Corporate Payroll Manager, Superior Energy Services and Sara Faulk Fontenot, General Ledger Analyst, Superior Energy Services


Advancements in automation continue to streamline the expense reporting process, and with it further reducing the time it takes for many companies to realize the return on investment from a new system. Join us for an informative hour-long webinar with data analysis from leading research organizations and more than 400 CFOs, controllers and accounting professionals to identify best practices in expense management today. You will also hear from a company that uses a fully automated reporting solution about how the system quickly delivers not just ROI, but better compliance with T&E policy, increased productivity and efficiency, and greater employee satisfaction.

Topics include an in depth review of:

  • Emerging trends in business travel and expense management for 2015
  • How to evaluate expense report processing costs and return on investment
  • The ways automation can simplify data management and administrative reporting
  • Strategies to streamline the expense reporting process and improve productivity
  • Outcomes and live commentary from a company that switched to automation

Slides from the webinar

Webinar Recording

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About the Presenters

Bob Neveu Image
Robert Neveu

President & Co-founder, Certify

In 2008, Bob launched Certify as his second software startup in Portland. Certify’s venture-backed team have accelerated the growth of the business to where they are considered the second largest provider in North America of expense reporting software with multinational customers including Pitney Bowes, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Subway Sandwiches, and Virgin Galactic. Certify has gained the attention of many major news publications for its innovative technology, including its recent release of auto-generated expense reporting with Certify ReportExecutive, featured in the Wall Street Journal (September, 2013), New York Times (October, 2013), and CNNMoney (December, 2013).

Mark Philley
Mark Philley

Corporate Payroll Manager, Superior Energy Services

Mark Philley is the Corporate Payroll Manager for Superior Energy Services. Mark has been with the company for 7 years and also serves as an administrator for Superior’s expense reimbursement system.

Sara Faulk-Fontenot
Sara Faulk Fontenot

General Ledger Analyst, Superior Energy Services

Sara Faulk-Fontenot is a Staff Accountant who has been with Superior Energy Services for 8 years. Among her responsibilities Sara is the lead expense reimbursement system administrator for the company.