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Effective T&E Expense Management: A Million Dollar Value Proposition

Original air date: April 24, 2018

Speaker: Ernie Humphrey, CEO & Founder, 360 Thought Leadership Consulting


Join us to discover how companies of all sizes are leveraging technology to establish visibility, benchmark costs and expenses, and establish controls that lower expense report processing costs, mitigate fraud, fuel more effective T&E spend, and impact productivity across the enterprise. We will construct a million dollar business case for T&E expense management done right and empower you to identify specific opportunities to improve T&E expense management at your company.

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Ernie Humphrey
Ernie Humphrey

CEO & Founder, 360 Thought Leadership Consulting

Ernie Humphrey currently serves as the CEO of Treasury Webinars and the CEO of 360 Thought Leadership Consulting. Ernie is a proven strategy and financial professional with 20+ years of experience. He has diverse industry knowledge as a seasoned corporate finance practitioner, a leader at the largest association for financial professionals (the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)), and as a driving force behind the development of what was formerly the largest online community for senior level financial professionals (Proformative). During his career he has supported and delivered thought-leadership in the arenas of finance, treasury, accounting, and related disciplines. Ernie has a BS and MS in Economics both from Purdue University.