Recorded Webinar

Accounts Payable Trends 2017: The Process and Technology of AP Invoices

Original air date: September 20, 2017

Speaker: Mark Brousseau, Editor of Special Projects, IOFM


With more and more manual business processes putting profitability and productivity at risk, the ways in which companies perform day-to-to-day operations is changing drastically. In the pursuit to cut operational costs and improve efficiency, technology is set to impact the accounts payable invoice process in new and dynamic ways. To better understand the market forces, developing trends and technologies companies are using in the AP invoice process today, Certify has surveyed more than 300 accounting professionals from outside its customer base to reveal the top accounts payable benchmarks and trends for 2017. In this presentation, you will learn what issues other companies like yours are facing in the AP invoice process, and what strategies and practices companies are using today to overcome common challenges.

Learning objectives include:

  • Why 23% of companies are paying over $11 to process a single invoice
  • What the top 5 AP invoice pressures that companies are facing
  • Why 48% of companies take over 10 days to process a single invoice
  • What the top technologies are used in AP invoice processing
  • How 65% of companies are planning to switch to AP automation software

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About the Presenter

Mark Brousseau
Mark Brousseau

Editor of Special Projects, IOFM

Over the past 22 years, Mark Brousseau has established himself as a leading analyst and writer on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payments and document automation topics. A frequent speaker at financial operations industry events and on webinars, Brousseau advises prominent end-users and solutions and services providers on how to use automation to improve document-driven business processes. Brousseau also has chaired numerous educational conferences and has served on several industry committees and boards. His areas of specialty include electronic invoicing, document scanning and electronic workflow technology, automated data capture, electronic payments, healthcare payments automation, remittance and lockbox processing, loan processing and more. He resides in York, PA.