Travel & Expense Management Trends for 2014

Recorded Webinar

Travel &Expense Management Trends for 2014: How CFOs are Employing New Technologies to Increase Insight and Drive Growth

Original air date: March 11th, 2014

Speaker: Robert Neveu, President of Certify


Although we here at Certify already thought expense management played an integral part of successful business, we wanted to conduct a study to see if the numbers backed up our claims. Turns out, they do! We reached out to finance professionals from all over North America, from organizations of all sizes and asked them a few basic questions about their current expense management processes, as well as their future plans for managing spend within their organization. After receiving responses from over 137 companies, we were able to analyze the data and produce this year’s “Travel & Expense Management Trends for 2014”. The data explores expense management practices from an overall standpoint, and also dives deeper into the results to provide insight for small business, mid-sized business, and enterprise level organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • 48% companies estimate T&E costs will increase in 2014
  • 44% of companies using cloud-expense systems, compared to 38% using spreadsheets or pen & paper
  • Largest pressure: reduce expense processing costs
  • 75% of small businesses see ROI within first year of switching to cloud system

Slides from the webinar

Download the slides in a PDF format: click here.

The Data: Report & Infograph

Download the latest Travel & Expense Trends Report and graphic below.

Outlook PDF
Trends Report Infograph

About the Presenter

Bob Neveu Image
Robert Neveu

President & Co-founder, Certify

In 2008, Bob launched Certify as his second software startup in Portland. Certify’s venture-backed team have accelerated the growth of the business to where they are considered the second largest provider in North America of expense reporting software with multinational customers including Pitney Bowes, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Subway Sandwiches, and Virgin Galactic. Certify has gained the attention of many major news publications for its innovative technology, including its recent release of auto-generated expense reporting with Certify ReportExecutive, featured in the Wall Street Journal (September, 2013), New York Times (October, 2013), and CNNMoney (December, 2013).