Automated Policy Compliance

Effortlessly Control Your T&E Spend

Gain a powerful ally with a T&E management solution that effortlessly ensures corporate policy compliance—freeing your teams to focus on more strategic work.

Your organization’s T&E polices are configured into Certify, allowing automated controls to guide employee spend and keeping costs consistently within budget. When booking travel with Certify Travel, automated controls are fused with our user-friendly interface that allows employees to customize results to match their personal preferences.

Adhere to GSA per diem policies

Our powerful policy engine helps companies, government agencies, and contractors easily navigate the complex T&E policies set by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

Simplify the process for employees and administrators with flexible configurations for three GSA reimbursable types. Accurate calculations for reimbursable expenses are then displayed inside Certify, helping users know exactly how much they’ll be reimbursed.

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Sunshine Act ready

Certify offers a simple solution for tracking all spending—and all required fields—to ensure your organization stays compliant with the U.S. Physician Payments Sunshine Act.

Our software integrates with the NPI database so that you can track expenses for specific Physical and Organization NPI records. Finance teams can create reports with just a few clicks, viewing physician spend by employee, category, expense total, NPI, and more.

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