Solving T&E Expense Reporting’s Top Five Toughest Challenges

What are the five biggest expense management pain points facing finance professionals today and how can you solve for them?

Solving T&E Expense Reporting's Top Five Toughest Challenges

Global Business Travel Association Foundation estimates that U.S. companies will spend $293.1 billion on travel and entertainment (T&E) costs in 2017, an almost 4% increase over the previous year. Considering the average American company also earmarks between 6 and 12 percent of total budget for T&E expense spending, the efficiency and effectiveness of managing employee expense reports can have a big impact on an organization’s financial performance and profitability.

Unfortunately, the most businesses still face issues ensuring this efficiency, and are losing money in the process. In this report, you’ll discover:

  • The five biggest pain points in T&E today
  • Specific solutions for each, with supporting data
  • Real-life stories of companies who turned their T&E around

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