Certify Offers Free QuickBooks Integration, New Delegate User Feature

Certify Offers Free QuickBooks Integration, New Delegate User Feature
Certify Offers Free QuickBooks Integration, New Delegate User Feature
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PORTLAND, ME, March 9, 2010 – Certify, a leading online expense management company, today announced Certify QuickBooks Integration. The new solution will improve productivity and efficiency for businesses by automating the process of synchronizing expense data and linking employee and vendor information between QuickBooks and Certify. The company also added a new Delegate User feature into its platform. The functionality allows Certify users to provide authorized account access to assistants and management to create and approve expense reports on behalf of other personnel.

The new Certify QuickBooks integration is compatible with QuickBooks 2002 through 2010, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise. After a simple one-time set up, the solution links account and employee information between Certify and QuickBooks. As expense related information is created, approved and updated in Certify, the service allows users to easily synch up accounts ensuring all of the most up-to-date expense information is saved and available in QuickBooks. This includes the ability to track expense category data within QuickBooks and generate reimbursement checks for employees, or interface with the Certify ACH Service to facilitate online direct deposit reimbursement.

“Our goal at Certify is to make our customers more productive by automating the entire expense management process,” said Robert Neveu, founder and president of Certify. “With that in mind, the QuickBooks integration helps our clients to quickly and easily send and receive data between the products. The new Delegate User functionality was a direct request from customers and allows them to authorize their assistant to create, submit and approve expense reports on their behalf. This is another great example how Certify makes expense management easy.”

Certify Wallet, Certify Wallet Mobile Application, and Certify Corporate are designed to eliminate the hassles of expense reporting from receipts to reimbursement. Every Certify Corporate user has a unique login to a personalized Web page that provides automated expense category management, travel policy information, currency conversion, extensive reporting and workflow to simplify and expedite the entire process.

About Certify
Certify is the leading online spend management solution for companies of all sizes. Organizations worldwide book travel, complete expense reports, and digitize the procure-to-pay process quickly and easily using Certify cloud and mobile applications. For more information about Certify, please call 1-207-773-6100 or visit www.certify.com.
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