10 Tips For Better Business Travel


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10 Tips For Better Business Travel

When you regularly travel on behalf of your business, you need to be extremely conscious of the costs you incur. Business trips can become exorbitantly expensive incredibly fast, so you should follow these 10 tips, alongside any other strategies you've developed, to keep your costs to a minimum every time.

1. Stay packed You don’t want to have to waste time or money running around the city of your destination to purchase travel essentials. Ensure that you have everything you need, from clothes to office supplies, packed in your bag before you take off.

2. Pack light On that note, you should always avoid taking anything that you don’t absolutely need.

3. Shop around Never book the first travel option you come across. Instead, compare the costs of all the different ways you can travel to your destination - it may lead to a significantly lower total cost on your expense report.

4. Eat in You’ll never regret staying in a hotel that offers free breakfast, for a number of different reasons.

5. Grocery shop If your trip is longer than a day or two, then don’t be afraid to make a trip to the local supermarket. Dining in is a great way of relaxing after a long day’s work, and it can save you quite a bit of money, too.

6. Dine local When you are eating out, avoid the tourist traps and expensive restaurants. Search off the beaten path instead, and you’ll be sure to find some low-cost, high-quality, local options.

7. Go underground Cabs are overrated and overpriced - get familiar with the city’s public transportation system, and take it as often as you can.

8. Commute in On that note, consider booking a hotel that’s far from the city proper. The cost is likely to be much lower, and you can simply commute via car or subway instead.

9. Rent smart Always look for the low-cost option when renting a car. And don’t lease out a GPS if your phone can handle that task on its own!

10. Book together Finally, if you’re taking a trip with your colleagues, don’t let everybody make their own bookings - get a suite instead of individual rooms, and the whole team will be contributing to your company’s savings.

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