The Top 10 Craziest Business Expenses of 2013


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The Top 10 Craziest Business Expenses of 2013

Business travel is on the upward swing. A study by the Global Business Travel Association predicts a 7.2 percent rise in business travel spending next year, to $288.8 billion. And when employees travel, they rack up expenses. Most of the time, those expenses are pretty commonplace: breakfast at Starbucks and the $150 per night hotel room. Yet occasionally, some rather unconventional expenses show up on the Controller’s desk.

Certify reached out to 60,000 business travelers from small to large companies. Individuals reported their craziest expenses of 2013: $500 of taffy apples, anyone? Another manager reported: “Sanuk flip flops for each employee: hand-picked by me based on their personality, for a company trip.” Now there’s a boss we’d all like to have.

The good news: most employees are pretty honest in today’s budget-minded climate. Only 9% of people who responded said they had lied on an expense report, and only 15% admitted expensing personal items. So the next time you feel bad about expensing a hairbrush that you forgot to pack, consider this list:

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Craziest Expenses of 2013

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