Infographic - Costliest Cities For Business Travel

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Costliest Cities for Business Travel

You can't control which cities your employees have to travel to, but you can work to control the costs involved. One way to do so is to anticipate the extent of the charges that your employees will be listing in their expense reports. However, you can't assume that all business trips will result in similar costs - as Certify’s latest research illustrates, some cities are much costlier than others when it comes to business travel.

The priciest cities to travel to, as our latest report notes, are all located outside the U.S. None are more expensive, for example, than Brisbane, Australia, where the average on-the-ground cost of a business trip adds up to almost $550. Individuals traveling on business to Brisbane can expect to spend more than $50 on dining expenses, more than $50 on ground transport, almost $130 on entertainment costs and more than $300 in lodging. Expense reports filed by individuals traveling to this city are sure to be very high.

Tokyo, Japan, and Sydney, Australia, represent the next two most expensive destinations for business travel. Employees on their way to Tokyo can expect, on average, to spend more than $540 on-the-ground - spending slightly more on dining and entertainment than those in Brisbane, and less on lodging and ground transport. Average costs in Sydney are down slightly - to an average of $524 - though dining costs, notably, are higher than in either Tokyo or Brisbane.

Cities in the U.S. aren’t exactly cheap travel destinations, either, even if the average costs are lower than those on other continents. Average on-the-ground costs per trip are $472 for those traveling to New York City, while those on the way to San Franscisco and Washington, D.C., should expect to spend $407 and $375, respectively.

Finally, Certify found that those sending workers to Latin America should keep their eye on expense management, as costs are rising quickly. Room rates have recently increased by 30 percent in Mexico City, by 23 percent in Sao Paulo, and by 15 percent in Rio de Janeiro.

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