Self Service Implementation

Welcome to Certify’s Step-by-Step Implementation Guide!

First off, thank you for selecting Certify as your travel and expense management solution provider and taking the first step to simplify your expense report management process!

We not only make expense reporting easy but we make implementing our system EASY! Our step-by-step guide will walk you through everything you need to know about configuring Certify for you and your users.

Just complete these 6 easy steps and your employees will be completing their first expense reports today!

  • Step 1: Add Departments
  • Step 2: Add Categories
  • Step 3: Add Policy Settings(optional)
  • Step 4: Set Mileage Rates(optional)
  • Step 5: Create Custom Fields(optional)
  • Step 6: Add Users

Step 1: Add Departments

In Certify, every user must be assigned to a Department. When an expense is created, the expense line will by default be associated with the user’s assigned department.

To add Departments you will need:
  • A list of Department Names
  • A list of Department General Ledger Codes (if applicable)

For more information on adding Departments in Certify, Download our Step 1 PDF

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Step 2: Add Categories

The expense category is a simple company-defined text description of the expense, usually reflecting usage from the company’s general ledger accounting system. Each line item on an expense report must be assigned an expense category.

To Add Categories you will need:

  • A list of Category Names
  • A list of Category Account General Ledger Codes

For more information on adding Categories in Certify, Download our Step 2 PDF

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Step 3: Add Policy Settings (optional)

Add your internal Corporate Travel and Expense policies directly into Certify and enjoy policy enforcement, out-of-policy notifications and in-depth reporting.

Using the Policy Functionality in Certify you can:

  • Add internal Travel and Expense policy documents
  • Adjust receipt requirements
  • Set Submission requirements
  • Set your Approval Workflow (Approval Hierarchy)

For more information on adding Categories in Certify, Download our Step 3 PDF

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Step 4: Set Mileage Rates (optional)

Certify automatically uses the U.S. IRS Rate for mileage and will automatically update the rate changes. You can also customize and adjust your company’s mileage reimbursement rate(s) within Certify.

To Set Mileage Rates you will need:
  • Your company’s current reimbursement rate(s)

For more information on adding Categories in Certify, Download our Step 4 PDF

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Step 5: Create Custom Fields (optional)

Custom Fields in Certify are managed by our General Ledger Dimensions. These allow you to create custom field values for employees to use while building an expense report and will also be available on the Certify Mobile application.

To Create Custom Field Values you will need:
  • A list of Names and General Ledger Codes for the custom field values

For more information on adding Categories in Certify, Download our Step 5 PDF

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Step 6: Add Users

You have set up and configured your account within Certify, now it’s time to create new users. You can add users individually, or bulk upload your entire user list. New users will automatically receive a Welcome email from Certify with their Certify login credentials.

To Add New Users you will need:
  • The user’s first and last name
  • The user’s email address
  • Employee ID (if applicable)
  • Role within Certify (Employee, Manager, Executive, Accountant)
  • Department Name
  • Approver (Locked Approval Workflow Only)
  • Accountant (Locked Approval Workflow Only)

For more information on Adding Categories in Certify, Download our Step 6 PDF

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Optional Step: QuickBooks Integration

Is your company using QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, or QuickBooks Enterprise? If so, Certify has a fully defined integration that shares data with your local QuickBooks product. With the click of a button, our users download accounts payable data directly into QuickBooks, with complete linking of Employees, Vendors, Expense Categories, and Departments between the systems. You can post a journal entry to show the detailed break down by expense category, or cut checks in QuickBooks directly from the Certify feed. It’s amazingly simple to use and is included in the use of Certify at no additional charge.

For more information on QuickBooks integration with Certify, Download our Guide to QuickBooks PDF.

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Additional Features Available with Certify

Certify offers extended features and functionality in addition to its standard package for a nominal monthly fee. To set up any of the features below, contact a member of the Certify Sales team at 1-888-925-0510 or email

  • Certify ACH Reimbursement - Quickly pay all approved expenses, providing employees with faster reimbursements. Learn more

  • Multiple Languages - Certify is available in 64 languages. Learn more

  • Credit Card Integration - Sync credit card transactions to import directly into Certify. Learn more

  • API Integration - Allows your Human Resources and Accounting systems to sync and speak directly with Certify. Learn more

  • Certify’s NPI Integration - For compliance with the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, required for medical device manufacturers. Learn more

  • Certify Receipt Backup - Providing your company with on-site storage of all expense reports and receipt images that pass through Certify. Learn more

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