Features at a Glance

Features at a Glance

What makes Certify so Easy?

Our robust core platform provides power within simplicity

Features - Mobile
Certify Mobile

Capture receipts and expenses while on the go using Certify Mobile on your smart phone. With support for iPhone, and Android, Certify Mobile will make your expense reports quick and easy. And Certify Mobile works in offline mode allowing you to capture receipts and expenses while on the plane and synchronize once you regain a connection.

Features - ReceiptParse and autofill
Certify ReceiptParse® & AutoFill

Ever thought your mobile phone can become a scanner? Well it can, Certify ReceiptParse® automatically extracts expense data from receipt images in real time. Snap a photo of a receipt using Certify Mobile, and ReceiptParse® will automatically fill expense fields in seconds.

Features - ReceiptExecutive
Certify ReportExecutive™ & Automation

Certify ReportExecutive™ brings automatic expense reports to your entire company, coordinated to your company’s scheduling preferences.

Features - E-Receipts
Certify e-Receipts

Certify has the most methods of capturing electronic receipts in the industry. Certify Mobile is great, but if you don’t have a smart phone, you can submit receipts and expenses into Certify using email, scan, upload, fax, web camera and even text message. All of these methods use ReceiptParse® to automatically extract your expense data. And best of all, there is no additional charge for any e-Receipt service in Certify.

Features - SpendSmart
Certify Spend Smart

Certify Spend Smart™ uses business ratings and reviews to help your company spend smarter! Spend Smart allows Certify users to effortlessly share the right amount of feedback with the right groups of people. While completing an expense report users can quickly rate a product or service and add comments if desired. These ratings and reviews are shared with the rest of the company and available to other Certify users. Companies benefit by gaining knowledge and valuable insights for selecting preferred vendors and maintaining vendor relationships.

Features - QuickBooks Sync
Certify QuickBooks Synchronization

Certify offers turn-key integration for QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise users. Link data from Certify to QuickBooks including Vendors, Employees, Departments, and Expense Categories, then download accounts payable data into QuickBooks including Bills, Checks or Journal Entries. The Certify QuickBooks Sync tool is included with the base Certify product at no additional charge. Not using QuickBooks? View our other accounting integration services.

Features - Workflow
Certify Workflow

Certify offers two workflow routing options for expense report approvals – flexible and locked approval workflows. Our flexible solution is great for small businesses where the user can simply select their approver for the report. Locked approval workflow gives our large clients the opportunity to set defined approval paths with various routing rules including approval limits and special approval rules. Either workflow process is easily configured for any client at no additional charge.

Features - Compliance
Certify Compliance

Set your company travel policy and let Certify become the gatekeeper! Set expense limits by expense category or by department and employees are immediately notified if their expense is in compliance with policy. All approvers will see any violations and have a number of options available as part of the reimbursement process.

Features - Reporting
Certify Reporting

Behind the scenes at Certify, there is a growing amount of data intelligence on your expense process. Use our reporting suite to identify spending patterns, preferred vendors, average spend across the company or across a department, and even review policy violations with a host of audit reports. From travel and expense review to financial oversight to audit and data integration, the Certify reporting suite will provide valuable insight in spend management.

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Certify supports more than 60 languages and 140+ currencies, to provide one common platform for all your users.

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