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How to attach multiple page receipts

Occasionally you may receive a paper receipt that is more than one page, such as a multi-page bill from a hotel, an extended airline itinerary, or an itemized phone bill that is to be submitted for an expense. While Certify does not allow you to attach multiple receipt image files to the same expense line item, we do offer two methods that allow you to utilize all pages as attachments.

METHOD 1: Create a multi-page receipt

Begin by inserting (copy/paste) local scanned or emailed copies of the various receipt images into a text editor file such as MS Word. Then save the file either in the native application or as a PDF format (pdf format is recommended). Once created and saved, such a receipt may be added to your Certify Wallet using the email attachment method or the file upload method available on the Add Receipts page in Certify. From the Certify Wallet, the new receipt may be attached to one or more expense lines within the same expense report.

Note: Once a receipt image file is attached to one or more expense line items within a report, that image file will not be available for use in other expense reports.

METHOD 2: Create $0 expense lines for extra receipt pages

If you have several receipt image files in your Certify Wallet to verify an expense (such as a hotel bill), you may edit and save the file names to indicate they are for the same expense (i.e., Hotel1-Page1, Hotel1-Page2).

- Click the pencil icon next to each file name in the Wallet to rename the receipt file names.

- Click the disk icon which has replaced the pencil icon, to save your changes after modifying the name.

After renaming the files, create an initial expense line item for the total expense amount and attach and save the Hotel1-Page 1 receipt file. Then follow the steps below to create $0 expense lines for the remaining additional receipt pages.

- Click the double arrow icon (>>) for the expense line to view the Other Actions menu.

- Click the Copy Expense link to create a second copy of the current line item in the expense report.

- Click the edit icon for the copied line item (find the copied line by the red "!" in the receipt column) to open the expense in the Edit Expense window.

- Change the expense amount to $0 instead of the original expense amount, then attach Hotel1-Page2 as the receipt for the expense line and save the expense. Repeat as needed for any remaining lines in support of the expense.

Fax Option:

Receipts may be faxed to the Certify Wallet using either traditional standard phone facsimile machines or newer multi-function peripheral devices that include a web-based efax function. Each Certify account is assigned a unique account identifier page that must be used for faxing receipts to your Certify Wallet. Each user's identifier page displays a digital grid system in the upper right corner used to assign inbound transmissions to the proper Certify Wallet. The identifier page is available in the "Fax" section of the Add Receipts menu page in Certify. Print this identifier page, attach receipts, and fax to the appropriate number listed at the top of the identifier page.

Users have the option to send traditional single- or multi-page faxes where each transmitted page creates a single receipt image, or send a multi-page fax that is rolled into a single PDF file with each transmitted page as a page within the PDF file.

Troubleshooting tips:

You may reuse an account identifier page until it becomes too faded for the system to read. When that happens, simply print a new copy of your account identifier page from the "Fax" section on the Add Receipts page in your Certify application.

1. Be sure your account identifier grid is clearly printed and not covered or obscured by any receipts or tape.

2. Be sure your fax machine cleaning and maintenance is up to date to assure a distinct copy is generated when loading the fax.

3. For physical page-feed systems:

- Be sure the page feeds in straight, as any tilting may result in scan distortion of the account identifier grid.

- If sending multiple pages, be sure the pages feed in without interruption so as not to cause a break in the transmission