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Which Get Started view is best for me?

Take a look at your Certify Home page and find the Get Started section.


This panel gives you three workflow options for creating expense reports. As a first time user, when you start using Certify, try following the Basic workflow. When you get to know some of the more advanced tools and features, you will likely be best served by either the Mobile or Automatic workflow. Here is a brief description of each workflow:

The Basic workflow guides you through creating a blank expense report, entering expenses manually, and then adding receipt images. This workflow is a good choice for your first expense report using Certify, particularly if are starting out with a stack of receipts and need to submit your expense report immediately. After you learn more of the advanced features and tools of Certify, you might want to try either the Mobile or Automatic workflow.

The Mobile workflow is designed for users who capture receipts and expenses using Certify Mobile. You can do this throughout the month, capturing photos of receipts and entering expense information as you make purchases. When you are ready to submit your expense report, the Mobile workflow will guide you through creating an expense report using the receipt and expense data that you have already entered and synchronized into your Certify Wallet.

The Automatic workflow is designed for users with a corporate credit card or a personal credit card. If you have a corporate credit card that is linked with your Certify account, expenses will automatically flow into your Certify Wallet as you make purchases. If you have a personal credit card, you will copy and paste expenses from your on-line statement into your Certify Wallet. When you are ready to create your expense report, choose the Automatic workflow and the Auto Expense Report Wizard will use a date range that you specify to group expenses and receipts into an expense report. You can use the Certify Wallet mobile application together with credit card integration to achieve the highest level of expense report automation - no paper receipts to manage and no expense data to enter manually.