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Editing an Expense

You can enter a new expense and edit an existing expense in the Add/Edit Expense panel.


If the panel is blank you will be creating a new expense. When you save the expense it will be loaded into the expense grid above the Add/Edit Expense Panel.

The expense grid contains an Edit icon for each expense.


If you click on the Edit icon of an existing expense it will be loaded into the Edit Expense panel. You can then make edits to the expense and click on the Save button to save the expense.

The Add/Edit Expense panel responds to your interactions and will require additional or less information depending on the expense category you select. You can select a receipt for an expense by editing the expense and clicking on the desired receipt in the Certify Wallet panel, and then saving the expense. You can deselect a receipt by clicking the Change Receipt button, selecting None in the Certify Wallet, and then saving the expense.

Validation rules are applied when you attempt to save each expense. Expenses are not saved until all validation rules are satisfied.