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Switching from Microsoft Excel

If you're used to completing expense reports using a spreadsheet or paper format, you probably used to start by stacking your receipts into little piles.


Then you probably used to reach for a calculator to compute totals for each category and day of your business trip. We've got great news - all of this is no longer necessary!

Using Certify, the process looks more like this: Don't bother ordering or stacking your receipts - just enter them into Certify in any order you want, and Certify will do all the sorting and computing for you.

After entering your expenses, you need to get images of the receipts into Certify. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. You can fax your receipts in, or use a scanner attached to your computer. After loading your receipts you just need to link each expense to the proper receipt. There is even a handy wizard (called the Link Receipts Wizard) that makes this easy and visual.

After linking receipts, enter any other expenses that you don't have a receipt for, and then click Submit for Approval to electronically send your expense report to your manager for approval and processing. It's much easier than the old way once you know what to expect.

Certify can do much more than this, however, making it even easier to create your expense report. The method described above is called the "Basic" method. When you learn about other tools and features available in Certify you will be able to choose the method that works best for you. To get started, there's no shame in using the "Basic" method, and most people find it to be easy and fast. Feel free to experiment with other tools and wizards that you see along the way.