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Certify Wallet for BlackBerry cannot sync

If your BlackBerry mobile phone is having problems perfoming the Sync operation in the Certify Wallet mobile application, please perform the following diagnostic steps:

1) Find the "Options" folder on your device.

2) Go to "Advanced Options".

3) Go to "Applications" and a list of device applications will be built.

4) Scroll down to "Certify Wallet" and select it.

5) Press the BB option button and select "Edit Permissions".

6) Set every option to "Allow," making sure all sub-menus are set to "Allow" as well.

7) Press the BB option button and select "Save".

You should now be able to access the application normally.

It this does not help please un-install the application and then re-install using the directions below:

1) Highlight the application shortcut, click the Blackberry option button and select "Delete" and confirm the delete operation.

2) Select the “Yes” option in the box asking if you would like to restart your device

3) After the restart has completed, open a web browser on your phone and go to www.certify.com/mobile.aspx

4) Click the link that says "Install the Certify Wallet for Blackberry"

5) Select the checkbox "Set Application Permissions" and click the "Download" button

6) You will get a screen saying "Certify Wallet is requesting changes to the application control permissions" click the "View" option in this screen. There will be several permissions sections presented, select the "Allow" option for the first feature in each group and each of the group’s related permissions will also become "Allow". Do this for all options; everything on the screen should say "Allow" when you are finished.

7) Click the Blackberry option button and select "Save". The application will now begin the download.

8) When it is finished a screen saying "The application was successfully installed" will be presented. Select the "OK" option.

9) Close the web browser and go back to the downloads folder on your device. Certify Wallet will be the first icon in the folder. Click it to open the application.

10) Login using your Certify e-mail address and password and try the Sync process again.