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Switching from other web-based systems

If you are used to submitting expense reports using a different web-based system, there are a few things you should know:

Certify allows expenses to be linked with individual receipt images. This makes it easy for managers and accountants to review your expense report because they can click on an expense and immediately see the specific receipt linked with it.

Using Certify, you need to add receipts before submitting your expense report for approval. Other systems allow you to fax your receipts after submitting the expense report, but with Certify you have to do it before submitting for approval. This may seem like more work to you at first, but hang in there! When you learn how to make use of Certify's more advanced methods for capturing and storing your receipts it will actually simplify your business travel life.

Certify is loaded with small nuances that anticipate your next move. While you use Certify it will be watching your usage style, making automatic optimizations for you. But don't worry - it never locks you out of a feature, and you can always find alternative ways to accomplish a given task.