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Corporate Credit Card Integrations

All Your Transactions In Sync

Company-issued credit cards are supposed to simplify the expense management process. Yet, with a manual process, employees must still provide copies of receipts for each transaction.

Certify takes care of this behind-the-scenes and accepts data from all major credit card companies including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Diners Club, as well as issuing banks.

Corporate Credit Cards Step 1
1. Spend

When Jane swipes her corporate credit card to make a purchase, the transaction is logged in her Certify Wallet within 24 to 48 hours.

Corporate Credit Cards Step 2
2. Capture

Next, she uploads her receipt using one of Certify’s 11 electronic capture methods. For example, ReceiptParse extracts up to 15 fields of expense data from receipts.

Corporate Credit Cards Step 3
3. Upload

Using a mobile phone to snap and upload a receipt, Jane can complete data entry fields in real-time and capture expense information throughout the month.

Corporate Credit Cards Step 4
4. Match

Then Certify matches Jane’s imported credit card charges with her receipts and puts together a clean expense report automatically.

Corporate Credit Cards Step 5
5. Review

On the date her expense report is due, Jane receives an email that her expense report is complete and ready for her to review the charges online, add missing details and submit it for approval.

Corporate Credit Cards Step 6
6. Reconcile

When accounting needs to reconcile credit card statements, they can just log into Certify to view the transactions with receipt images linked directly to them.

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