Traveler Reviews

Ratings & reviews from like-minded business travelers

We collect tens of thousands of customer satisfaction ratings and reviews across our user base about airlines, hotels, restaurants, car rental companies and most of your T&E expenses.

Certify SpendSmart

Our SpendSmart engine starts with vendor rankings which is unique among our competitors. Certify collects this data from employees, through offering an optional survey at the end of each expense report. It takes just a few seconds to complete these mini-surveys on the vendors from their trip. The resulting data is a goldmine and brings qualitative analysis to the table to complement the quantitative data in Certify. View the current Certify SpendSmart™ Report.

Make more informed decisions:

Our vendor rankings give managers and employees a handy tool when planning travel and meetings. Instead of making a random decision about accommodations or entertainment in a city they’ve never or rarely visited, a quick search of reviews in Certify will tell them what vendors come out on top.

Stay on top of vendor performance:

Ratings and reviews also provide intelligence for making larger policy decisions about which vendors will stay, which will go, and which might be up for a contract negotiation based on mediocre performance. Since the reviews come from business travelers, you know that the information is qualified. Business travelers may not care about a nice pool, but they do care about free high-speed Wi-Fi, good coffee, and a clean, tranquil room.

Keep employees happy and productive on the road:

Knowing that this feedback is coming directly from employees helps travel and finance managers understand what their people value. Most employees don’t want to travel for work. They’d much rather be at home. So if you’re going to send them out, making every effort to give them choices that they prefer is a valued measure of goodwill. We could all use a little of that, right?