Expense Management Case Study - iCad

Case Study - iCAD

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Case Study | 2013

Company: iCAD, Inc.

Industry: Medical Device Manufacturer

Client Since: 2010

Company Size: 100 employees

“Overall Certify has made my life so much easier at work. I couldn't imagine going back to the old way.”

Jeannie Hagmeier
Sr. Accounts Payable Specialist
iCAD, Inc.

Certify’s Easy to Use System Proves to Save Managers Time & Resources

Company Overview

iCAD, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of advanced image analysis and workflow solutions including digital radiography (DR), computed radiography (CR), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT). The company’s hardware and software solutions enable healthcare professionals to improve patient care by identifying pathologies and pinpointing cancer earlier. The company is based in Nashua, New Hampshire with roughly 100 employees.

Expense Management Benefits

iCAD was processing 125 or more expense reports a month using a highly manual process of spreadsheets with paper receipts attached. In 2010, the company decided it was time for automation and selected Certify. Jeannie Hagmeier, a manager in the Accounting department, was amazed at how simple the system was to learn and how much time it saved her. “It probably takes me one-third the time to do expense reports now. I'm spending maybe a couple hours a week versus six hours.”

When iCAD acquired another company based in California, maintaining the manual system would have been prohibitive, she adds. “It would've been almost impossible to keep doing manual expense reporting and acquiring approvals with employees and managers in scattered locations.”

Other Benefits Include
  • Easier handling of errors and questions with employees, since Certify allows Accounting to ask questions within the system instead of sending a paper form back for changing and then resubmission from the employee.
  • The automatic matching of receipts to line items through Certify’s receipt scanning technology and auto-population of expense report data makes life much easier for Hagmeier. “I just click on a line item to see the receipt.”
  • Integration with iCAD’s financial system, Syspro, eliminating the need for reentry of expense report data while avoiding errors.
  • Approvals are acquired electronically from managers in all locations.

To download a copy of the client case study with iCAD, Inc., "Certify’s Easy to Use System Proves to Save Managers Time & Resources", click here.