The Move to 100% Electronic Expense Management with Certify

Case Study - Superior Energy

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Case Study | 2013

Company: Superior Energy

Industry: Energy Services

Client Since: 2012

Company Size: 14,000 employees worldwide

“We only have a handful of AP employees, and using Certify is saving that small team days of work every month, because the process is now so automated.”

Ray Lieber
VP of Human Resources
Superior Energy

The Move to 100% Electronic Expense Management with Certify

Company Overview

Superior Energy Services provides a diversified portfolio of oilfield services to energy companies worldwide, including equipment, tools, and trained personnel needed to develop and produce oil and gas. Founded in 1989 and based in Houston, Superior Energy has grown from 125 employees and $12 million in revenues to a publicly traded company with more than $4 billion in revenues and nearly 14,000 employees worldwide.

Expense Management Challenges

As Superior Energy has grown over the years through acquisitions, it has acquired a multitude of back-office software and manual processes. In recent years, the company has begun centralizing key processes across its business units. Expense management is one of those areas in transition, in an effort to move away from an inefficient Excel spreadsheet-based process. In 2012, the company adopted Certify in its corporate office and in one of its business units. Today, the entire paper-based process among those 500 employees has been converted to a digital one, according to Ray Lieber, VP of Human Resources at Superior Energy. “Expenses are now completely electronic from A-to-Z including the direct deposit for reimbursement,” he says. “We expect to see other business units adopting it soon, as part of an overall process to automate our operations. We do not have an ERP system for instance. Certify is part of this larger story.”

Benefits from Certify

Overall, moving to Certify has cut the time spent processing expense reports by 50 percent, according to Lieber. The flexibility of receipt integration with Certify means that employees can either fax receipts to their email account and then send to Certify, or simply use the Certify Mobile app for quick scanning and uploading into their account. Either way, the receipts are automatically integrated into individual expense reports, saving employees time and frustration. The mobile app also works great internationally, which is a plus for this global company.

Speed of approvals

Today, it’s taking no more than two weeks for employees to get paid, after submitting a report through Certify. Employees now know when they will get reimbursed, since expenses are integrated within the regular payroll cycle. As well, Certify has eliminated the extensive manual labor involved with managers and executives signing reimbursement checks.

Accounting department time savings

Certify has also saved time in the Accounting department. “We only have a handful of AP employees, and using Certify is saving that small team days of work every month, because the process is now so automated,” Lieber says.

Corporate card integration

Superior Energy has also integrated its corporate cards into Certify, so that no manual entry of card charges is required and reconciliation time by AP is drastically reduced.

Spend management

Using Certify has eased the process of mapping expenses to the company’s chart of accounts in its financial system. This line item detail of expense charges has helped the company better evaluate spend and in certain cases, even refine its policies to save the company money, says Lieber. The company has also integrated many of its T&E policies into Certify so that out of policy charges are flagged for managers to review.

IT efficiencies

“Because it is a hosted solution, the software’s configuration and the adaptability to a company of our size is important because we don’t have to maintain the software,” Lieber says. “There is no ongoing demand for our IT group.”

To download a copy of the client case study with Superior Energy,"The Move to 100% Electronic Expense Management with Certify", click here.