Certify Helps Company Prepare and Comply with New Sunshine Act Regulation

Case Study - Cancer Genetics

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Case Study | 2013

Company: Cancer Genetics, Inc.

Industry: Medical Device Manufacturer

Client Since: 2013

Company Size: 65 employees

“Beyond NPI, it’s just so helpful to be able to track our expenses in an automated fashion now. We can see how much we’re spending weekly and we can see a breakdown of expense categories. As well, the ease-of-use with the Certify mobile app is crucial for us because our salespeople live and breathe on their mobile phones."

Partha Mittrar
Director of IT
Cancer Genetics, Inc.

Certify Helps Company Prepare and Comply with New Sunshine Act Regulation

Company Overview

Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI) develops products and services in molecular diagnostics that are tailored to the genetic profile of the individual. Products and services developed at CGI are poised to transform cancer patient management, increase treatment efficacy and reduce healthcare costs. Founded in 1999 by world-renowned cytogeneticist Dr. R.S.K. Chaganti, CGI maintains strong research collaborations with major cancer centers such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering and the National Cancer Institute.

Before Certify

The 65-person company needed a more efficient process for expense management, after struggling with a paper-based process for years. In particular, IT was looking for a system that included a mobile app, so that salespeople could file receipts from the field. “The old process was onerous for both the accounting team and the sales people,” says Partha Mittra, director of IT at Cancer Genetics. As well, since the company is subject to the Sunshine Act for physician-related expense and gift reporting, they also needed a system that supported integration with the national NPI database. “That was going to be very difficult with our manual system and we also couldn't run any reports,” explains Mittra. The company deployed Certify in February 2013.

How Certify Is Helping

With Certify’s NPI integration, it’s simple for salespeople to document NPI expenses. When users upload receipts into their mobile phone through Certify’s electronic receipt capture and receipt auto fill features, they can quickly assign expenses to individual doctors. Later, Accounting can review expenses down to individual categories such as meals. The NPI lookup feature automatically enters the associated NPI number for the physician. “I was surprised we didn't have to do much training,” says Mittra. “We just put up a simple webinar on our website and employees have also been accessing the Certify videos if needed.”

Since at least 50% of expenses generated by salespeople are NPI-reportable, automation is critical. As Cancer Genetics grows, this capability will be even more important. Today, there are five salespeople but the company plans to hire five more by the end of the year, according to Mittra.

Reporting benefits

The NPI reporting features in Certify enable managers to analyze expenses related to maintaining clients as well as expenses relating to gaining new ones. Cancer Genetics is also beginning to analyze how physician spending relates to business ROI, such as increased sales. “Even if we didn't have this requirement for reporting, we would still be tracking information because it’s helpful for us to see how much we expense per individual doctor,” says Mittra.

Accounting time savings

Outside of the NPI capabilities, the company is also benefiting from more streamlined processes in the Accounting department. Where the company used to require a fulltime AP person and an administrative assistant to process expenses, today, the assistant is no longer needed. “It’s taking our AP minutes to process the monthly expenses, instead of hours,” says Mittra.

To download a copy of the client case study with Cancer Genetics, Inc.,"Certify Helps Company Prepare and Comply with New Sunshine Act Regulation", click here.