Building the Business Case for Automated Expense Reporting


Building Your Case for Automated T&E Expense Reporting

Today, 46% of companies are still using a manual system to process employee expense reports. But did you know that 75% of enterprise businesses are currently in the process of switching to an automated expense management system?

Building Your Case for Automated T&E Expense Reporting

Recognizing the need for new systems and processes within your organization is not always the easiest task. After all, the old way of working is comfortable and familiar, making it a preferred choice over the unknown.

That’s why we at Certify created this free guide, to give you the tools and information to build your business case for automated T&E expense reporting, including:

  • How to define an objective and document your current T&E process
  • Ways to identify challenges and assess vendors
  • Steps to document and prove ROI to justify the investment

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