Supporting a great cause with a remarkable partner

Supporting a great cause with a remarkable partner

Holding shared values is one of our key metrics for selecting a new partner. Which is a lot harder than it seems. Fortunately, with Kronos we knew from the first conversation that we’d be a match.

Kronos offers award-winning human capital management and workforce management software. They aim to unify an organization’s entire workforce around a central platform to improve employee engagement, control costs, and increase productivity.

And their commitment to empowering the workforce doesn’t stop there. Kronos has a deep focus on service—not just for their customers, but also their community. A value that we hold closely here at Certify.

Supporting a great cause
Kronos hasn’t invited many of their partners to attend a golf fundraiser. So when they reached out to Mike Duggan, Business Development Manager at Certify, we were flattered and excited to participate.

Kronos holds an annual fundraiser to benefit the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation. The NFFF honors and remembers America’s fallen fire heroes, and provides resources to help their families rebuild their lives—while also working to reduce firefighter deaths and injuries.

Kronos donated to the fund in the memory of Christopher Roy, who is the brother of inside sales representative Jay Roy at Kronos. To say the fund holds deep meaning to everyone at Kronos would be an understatement.

The fundraiser was held at Overlook Golf Course in Hollis, New Hampshire—just a short drive from the Kronos office in Lowell, Massachusetts. It was the perfect place to sink some putts and raise money for an excellent organization.

Fundraising the Certify way
We initially donated $480 to have our four players participate in the games, but our hearts knew we could do more. We donated an additional $500 to participate in the games, and came up with a creative way to add a few more dollars to our donation.

Mike Duggan also had the grand idea of selling “mulligans” to help raise more. For those that don’t golf often, mulligans are these magical “do-over” where you can replay the stroke. Definitely not PGA approved, but acceptable at friendly games like these.

In total, the team raised an additional $320 worth of mulligans at $5 per mulligan. Which gives you a little perspective as to how much time people were golfing from the rough. Or worse—completely losing balls in the woods.

Everyone was a winner
Events like these are about bringing together a diverse group of people to support a cause that matters. Especially a cause that honors the women and men who sacrifice their lives for our safety. The real winner from the event was the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation—but that didn’t stop our very own John Manley from winning the “Closest to The Pin” competition.

In total, we contributed $1300 to the event—plus a fair share of lost golf balls in the rough. Kronos was thrilled with our participation and we’re looking forward to partnering for a cause next year.