Flexible Reports Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Flexible Reports Uncover Hidden Opportunities

When it comes to effectively controlling travel and expense costs, you need visibility into your data so that you can spot trends and take appropriate action. But there is a limit.

Too much data can halt potential benefits by virtue of being incredibly vast and complex. There needs to be a balance. You need reports to include the right data you’re looking to review and analyze—without going overboard.

Which is why we’re thrilled to announce Certify Flexible Reporting, an even more powerful and flexible way to gain insight into your company’s travel and expense spend.

Reports tailored for analysis
Our latest version of Certify Reporting gives you the freedom to run reports on nearly any set of data you’re curious about. We currently feature 40 reports that offer instant visibility into company spend. Need to review expenses by category? Curious about expense report accruals? A few clicks and you have a complete report.

We have T&E analytics for reporting on expenses by category, per diem by employee, or most expensed hotel vendors. There are also reports to help with financial oversight like the Expense Policy Review Report. If you’re moving from a manual system, these reports offer valuable insight that will help you dramatically cut down T&E spending.

Reports delivered in seconds or minutes, not hours
Waiting around for a data export can be tiring. And that’s before you actually open it up and start manipulating the data you want—and long before you actually start looking for expense trends. That is why we built our flexible reporting architecture, ReportExpress, to be speedy and efficient. You won’t have to wait long for your report to come through regardless of how many rows or columns of data it holds.

After you create a flexible report, your report settings will be saved for the next time you visit Analytics. This saves time and energy with pulling the same report day after day, or when it comes time to close the books. And if you need to review a different output of spend data, you can easily modify your settings and create a new flexible report tailored for your next level of analysis.

Historical data always available
Some solutions only store your travel and expense data for a short period of time, making your team responsible for all data backups.

At Certify, we keep your data securely stored for future use, so you can always look back and see how your corporate spending has evolved. History is vital. Especially when it comes to corporate spend data. With us, you’ll never have to worry about missing historical data ever again. And as a result, your finance team will be better equipped with the reports and data they need to uncover hidden opportunities that will make the executive team smile.

Is your company leveraging travel and expense data to find hidden opportunities? Contact your Customer Success Manager for a guided walkthrough of our Flexible Reports, or visit the analytics tab inside your Certify account and check it out for yourself.