Ready for an AP revolution? Introducing Certify Purchasing

Ready for an AP revolution? Introducing Certify Purchasing

Accounts payable and procurement teams are in the midst of a digital revolution. Those leading the industry have switched to digitized processes and are reaping all the business benefits that come with it. Then there’s everyone else—and a gulf is opening up between the two.

According to the 2018 Procurement Insights Report from PayStream Advisors, there are enormous differences in what companies are spending on their procurement and invoice practices. Novice companies—those who are operating on completely manual processes—spend an average of $89.73 to process a purchase order. Forward-thinking companies who are using cloud-based solutions spend an average of $30.72 per PO. That’s nearly 200% in cost savings alone.

There are remarkable savings that automation brings to AP and procurement functions, as well as sheer usability and deep data visibility. This is why we have launched Certify Purchasing, to help AP teams revolutionize spend management across their organizations.

Powering growth company-wide

Certify Purchasing is a best-in-class software solution that provides a customizable and efficient way for organizations to purchase goods and services. Whether you’re buying office supplies, computer hardware, or project materials, you’ll benefit from the faster turnaround times, automated approvals, reduced late fees, and vendor and ERP integration.

The solution takes the acclaimed business benefits of Certify Travel and Expense, and brings them to the entire procure-to-pay process. It’s built with knowledge acquired from a decade in the expense management landscape, as well as P2P technology (with 16 proven years of experience in the field) that Certify acquired in 2017.

With Certify Purchasing, AP teams can transform processes across the P2P function, from digital requisitioning to purchase orders, receiving, invoice management, vendor payment, and budget management workflows. Built-in controls adhere seamlessly to your organization’s regulatory requirements and approvals processes—meaning that company spend remains within budget and on policy.

There are sophisticated routing capabilities that allow line-of-business managers to define purchase-approval thresholds, tolerances, escalations and proxy configurations—streamlining the procure-to-pay process across the organization. The solution is accessible from desktop or mobile devices, giving it extraordinary accessibility for fast-growing teams across departments and around the world.

Allowing AP to become ever-more strategic

Perhaps one the most exciting things about Certify Purchasing, is how it offers an accessible and cost-effective way to start the digitization process within your company right now. This is important because—as industry reports consistently argue—automation is the future.

The State of ePayables report by Ardent Partners, which surveyed nearly 200 AP and finance leaders, found that their biggest priorities were to reduce invoice-processing costs (63%), better link P2P processes and systems (51%), improve reporting and analytics (35%), and improve collaboration/ communication with procurement (32%). These benefits come directly from solutions like Certify Purchasing.

“In looking at today’s AP departments,” the report concludes, “one concept stands out: although they are still focused and tasked with performing the basic duties of the unit (invoice processing), the AP industry as a whole is steadily pushing itself higher in the strategic hierarchy of the enterprise by capitalizing on its ability to impact and enhance cash management, supplier management, and real-time business intelligence.”

With Certify Purchasing, you can know the status of every purchase at every stage. You can fast track processes and radically improve accuracy with digitized two- or-three-way matching for all items that come into the business, and rapidly speed up vendor payments. This allows you to free up working capital, take advantage of early payment discounts, sustain good relationships with vendors and users, and win back more time in the work day.

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