Make Every Expense Visible in Sage

Make Every Expense Visible in Sage

Data is only valuable if it’s captured properly and analyzed with a goal in mind—otherwise, it’s just a bunch of ones and zeroes.

Fortunately, finance teams that use both Certify products and Sage Enterprise Management can turn that data into even more insight. This winter, we’re excited to roll out a new and third integration option for companies that want to sync data between Sage EM and Certify.

It’s the latest development in a long relationship with the Sage Group. In 2016, the British multinational software company implemented Certify Travel and Expense for its staff worldwide. We have many customers who rely on the company’s state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning software—and are excited to help them build even more business intelligence.

No matter what stage of growth your company is experiencing, we now have three ways to connect Certify with Sage Business Cloud:

The Sage EM Connector
The all-new Sage EM connector offers a direct connection from Certify into your Sage environment. It’s a simple tool built for organizations that prefer a more self-service approach to working with their expense and Sage instance.

A Certify administrator can integrate their expense data from Certify with Sage EM within minutes, giving finance teams the insight they need to make strategic decisions that move the organization forward.

And you won’t need to rely on outside help to get the job done. Our simple installation wizard walks you through the process of connecting Sage and Certify, in less time than it takes to put in a request with your IT department.

Custom Output Files
Certify customers with more in-depth needs can use our second option, a custom output file. This is built by Certify product experts and is configured to perfectly match the specific needs of your accounting system. The custom output file is also editable over time, meaning the integration will scale as your business grows.

Custom API
Organizations with more advanced integration needs—or those that have access to engineering resources—can benefit from a custom API. This integration seamlessly syncs data between Certify and Sage EM. It’s a fully automated solution that allows both platforms to continually communicate with each other over a highly secure, direct connection.

As one of the largest suppliers of enterprise resource planning software in the world, Sage is well-known and deeply respected for creating software that genuinely helps organizations grow. We’re excited to be able to help infuse that growth and visibility even further, and help our customers scale their success with an integration that perfectly fits their needs.

Curious about getting your Sage instance seamlessly synced with Certify? Get in touch with your account manager and they can walk you through the next steps.