4 Things to Love About Certify’s New London Office

4 Things to Love About Certify’s New London Office

We’re excited to announce the launch of Certify’s first office in the United Kingdom. Our location in a brand-new WeWork space right in the heart of London is fast being filled with a British-based Certify team. And here are four things we’re particularly excited about:

A chance to serve our customers more powerfully
By being on the ground in London, we’re now able to better serve the significant number of clients we already have across the U.K. and Europe. These customers include some of the most recognizable tech industry names such as The Sage Group—the British multinational enterprise software company rolled out Certify software to its global employee-base in 2016.

Another notable client is Spectris, a leading supplier of productivity-enhancing instrumentation and controls based in Surrey. We’re thrilled to now be on the ground to meet with these teams in person, as well as all our U.S. customers who have offices this side of the Atlantic.

Our remarkable, postmodern location
Our office is located in WeWork’s brand-new No. 1 Poultry location. This iconic building is located right in the center of the city’s financial district, directly opposite the Bank of England. It’s famed for its postmodern architecture and unusual design (it’s shaped like a wedge and is reminiscent of New York City’s Flatiron Building) and recently became a protected, Grade II listed building for its historic value.

Our decision to set up our base here was driven by a wish to offer a similar company culture to our headquarters in Portland, ME, and office in San Diego, CA. Not only is the WeWork space architecturally stunning—its grand staircase was inspired by the Scala Regia steps at the Vatican—it also offers extraordinary accessibility; it’s right above the Bank tube station and all the major main line stations are within walking distance. Such a prime location allows us to recruit the top talent in the region and maintain close relationships with our customers in the U.K.

A way to help more British businesses automate
The 2018 Expense Management Trends Report from Certify, Inc. revealed that a massive 49 percent of businesses in North America still rely on manual systems to manage T&E. Paul Crawley, the Sales Director of our London office, has worked in the British software industry for more than 20 years and he says the potential here is equally vast.

“Like the U.S., there is an incredible amount of U.K. businesses that are still running their expense approvals processes on paper and spreadsheets,” explains Crawley. “And what I’ve found, particularly with our U.K. customers, is a lot of warmth around the idea of working with an American supplier, particularly one such as Certify where our culture and unique selling point is all around our excellent customer service.”

Offering a perfectly matured software tool for British business
Companies in the U.K. deal with similar pain points as their counterparts in the U.S.—but they also have more specific needs. Take the complex VAT categorization for business travel and expenses. If a traveler in the U.K. were to take a business trip via train and taxi, for example, she would have to pay VAT for the taxi, but not for the public transport leg of the journey. Similarly, if she were to use her personal car for a business trip, the amount of expenses she could reclaim per mile would depend on the type of vehicle she’s driving.

“This creates real headaches for finance teams,” explains Crawley. “In situations like these, a computer-based expense management system adds tremendous value. And because the Certify product is so mature, flexible, and configurable—it can handle all of this already. Consider that we also support more than 140 currencies and 64 languages, and you can see the value we offer businesses here who want to grow globally.”

Swing by for a cup of tea
We’re excited to be opening our doors—and invite you to visit. If you happen to have an office in the U.K., you are swinging through town, or simply want to come and walk up our remarkable staircase, do get in touch. We’d be honored and delighted to put the kettle on and have a chat.