Pioneering Corporate Travel and Expenses Across the Atlantic

Pioneering Corporate Travel and Expenses Across the Atlantic

We’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of Captio, Europe’s largest independent provider of travel and expense management software. By welcoming this market leader into our family of brands, we’re solidifying a fast-growing global presence.

Working towards a shared vision
Certify and Captio share the same common goal: we want to help companies of all sizes manage corporate travel and expenses easily and effectively, no matter where in the world they may operate.

Both of our organizations believe that every company has unique needs, and requires solutions that perfectly align with their most pressing business challenges. By joining forces on either side of the Atlantic, we’re accelerating our ability to help more companies succeed around the globe.

Barcelona and beyond
Headquartered in Tortosa, Spain, Captio is already a market leader in Europe. It is the only expense solution that enables Spain-based companies to be fully tax compliant with Spanish government regulations. This nuanced ability to adapt to the complexities of country-centric regulations has made Captio the leading independent provider of T&E software in Europe.

The company was founded in 2012 by Joel Vicient, Dan Moser, Joaquim Segura, and Lluís Claramonte and primarily served companies in Spain and Portugal. By 2017, it had expanded further into the European market adding customers to their roster from France and Italy. Today, Certify and our Family of Brands has users around the globe in over 90 countries.

Sharing our strengths
Captio’s addition to the Certify, Inc. family of brands gives us additional expertise in addressing the unique challenges that European businesses face with travel and expense management. Companies in Europe follow intricate tax regulations—and this requires deep, local knowledge.

Captio has successfully developed an end to end, cloud-based expense management platform that has robust mobile capabilities and the ability to comply with specific country-based taxation requirements. These strengths combined with our industry-leading expertise and resources, means we’ll be able to help more European companies better manage their travel and expense—while remaining completely compliant.

Staying uniquely European
When companies get acquired, often the first thing to go is the company culture. This is not our philosophy at Certify, Inc. We’ve adopted a unique, multi-brand strategy that is agile and specialized to companies of all sizes in all parts of the world.

Captio will remain an independently-run company—but one that is now able to tap into our group’s global web of specialists and subject matter experts. We’re looking forward to sharing technology and best practices across our brands to achieve our global mission.

Only the beginning
Companies of all sizes deserve to leverage best-in-class technology so they can focus on strategic work, like helping their companies grow. By creating simple—and dare we say it, deeply enjoyable—business tools, we’re convinced we can bring a transformative level of efficiency and visibility to organizations of all sizes.

We won’t rest until every homegrown and manual expense solution has been transformed into a streamlined, automated travel and expense process that delights finance teams and end users. And we look forward to having the newest member of our family of brands accomplish this goal.

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