45 Countries and Counting – See How Certify Payments is Erasing International Borders with the Help of Western Union Business Solutions

45 Countries and Counting – See How Certify Payments is Erasing International Borders with the Help of Western Union Business Solutions

A Whole New World of Business Opportunity
Our economies are more connected than ever before, except when a business needs to move funds across international borders. Cross-border payments have plenty of risks and challenges; local regulations need to be followed, clearing houses and timelines are unique to each country, and then there's the uncertainty of sending money to a bank in a foreign country.

Will the funds get where they need to be? How will the exchange rate affect the transaction? Did I get the routing number correct?! The regulations alone are enough to make most businesses turn away from foreign business opportunities, but with the right payment partner, the opportunity can greatly outweigh the risk.

That's why we joined forces with the leader in cross-border payments, Western Union Business Services, to remove the hassle out of sending money internationally. Western Union has been a leader in the international payments industry for over 164 years and has developed a reputation for being the most reliable and seamless way of transferring money. By leveraging Western Union's existing network of banks in 170 countries and territories, Certify Payments is now the simplest way for a business to securely transfer funds around the world almost instantly.

No More Long Wait Times
Traditional international payment methods haven't been the friendliest to businesses. With International Automated Clearing House transfers, your money could be held for up to five days, not counting any additional holds that a financial institution may impose on the transaction.

This extra time compounds some of the risks and confusion that comes with making international payments. WIRE transfers, while faster than ACH, often have a hefty fee associated with their transfer which can multiply your costs, especially if you send international payments frequently.

However, with Western Union powering Certify Payments, we can shrink that timeframe to as little as 24 hours, making payments around the world simple and fast. Instead of waiting days for an international transfer to clear, now your vendors and employees can get access to their funds faster.

Rapid Payments For a Global Economy
Certify Payments was born out of a need for our clients to safely send money to employees and vendors that work in a foreign country. Given the complexity and importance of international payments for doing business abroad, we knew that having a trusted, industry-leading partner was essential for success.

After researching every avenue available for making international payments, we chose to partner with Western Union Business Services to give us the power we needed to move money between 73 different countries and in 48 currencies from around the world.

With Certify Payments, the hassle of handling international payments and budgeting for the different fees, exchange rates, and regulations is removed from your international expense process.

Say “Goodbye” to Manual Payments
While Certify Payments makes international payments quick and painless, there are other ways it can improve the bottom line for your business.

Having complete transparency over your reimbursements and vendor payments means you'll have more confidence in your budget and spend less time on each transaction. You won't have to worry if a vendor payment was paid in full after Forex fees, or if it arrived on-time because you can see all the details of every transaction directly in your dashboard. Plus, you'll benefit from tools designed to make manual payment submission a thing of the past.

Not only will the peace of mind and reduced processing time save you money up-front, you'll be able to spend more time working in areas that you care about, like growing your business. That's why we're thrilled to bring Certify Payments to businesses working around the world with the help of Western Union Business Services!

Interested in learning more about how Certify Payments can streamline your international payments? Get in touch with us to learn how we can make doing business abroad a breeze.