The Top 10 Craziest Business Expenses of 2017

The Top 10 Craziest Business Expenses of 2017

Business travel can always be a hectic experience. And for some, it's much closer to a crazy experience. For every routine trip filled with meetings, meals and mixers, there are always a couple of trips that go off the charted course. Whether it's a $50,000 hunting trip or a pair of designer leather trousers, business travelers are always finding a way to top themselves year after year.

Certify asked business travelers to share the craziest expenses that they have submitted, or reviewed in the past year. While most expenses are normal, everyday travel purchases like Starbucks, McDonald's or Uber, some purchases are considerable deviations from the norm. In 2017, there were more than a fair share of responses that raised an eyebrow or two around here. So, without futher adieu, check out the results of our craziest expenses survey below:

Top Ten Craziest Expenses 2017

Over 370 professionals responded to the survey to share the craziest and most outrageous expenses that they saw this year. From the survey, we also learned that roughly 1 in 10 respondents have submitted personal expenses for reimbursement on their expense reports (yikes). From a process standpoint, over 40% of respondents say their company uses a manual prrocess for expense reporting, and 18% say their company is operating without an expense policy in place. Without the right tools and policies in place to manage expenses, it's no wonder some of the craziest ones can slip on through.

If you're concerned about some of these crazy expenses slipping through your approvals process, check out what Certify can do for you. With features like built-in expense category limits and compliance checks, no out-of-policy expense will be able to sneak past your watchful eye. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us and find out all the ways Certify can simplify your travel and expense management.